The Company (Xinyue) at the insistence of continuous practice, the purpose of continuous improvement, through the introduction of world-renowned companies in Italy Cannon Company production of "high-pressure foam injection machine," while continuing to draw foreign counterparts advanced technology, making the company's products to maintain quality in the domestic leading level. While also helping to create a work experience, improve the service system of the construction team, to provide customers with installation of cold storage, cold storage construction, cold storage and maintenance of the highest quality services and cold storage projects related expertise.
        In order to meet customer demand, the company has a large stock, with professional technical sales staff quickly respond to customer asking price, ready to provide technical services to provide customers with quality after sales service. And in order to maintain business growth and fast freight service, our company with a number of courier companies, land, maritime and other multi-faceted cooperation radiation, greatly improving the efficiency of the company's cargo security, to meet the requirements of high efficiency of our commitment to customers.

        Refrigerator with stainless steel, color steel and aluminum as panel boards, rigid polyurethane as insulation core made ​​of composite siding, widely used in the storage of meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, frozen drinks, fruits and vegetables and industrial raw materials as well as the low temperature test environment. Zhongnanhai and other state agencies, the State Council ministries, offices and bureaus also have to spend our products.
        The main products have been developed: a combination of cold storage, cold storage, cold storage units, vegetable cold storage, cold storage, cold medicine, refrigerated cold storage, freezing cold, frozen cold storage, dual temperature cold storage, cold storage activities, explosion cold storage, controlled atmosphere cold storage, temperature refrigerator, small refrigerator, air condensers, water condenser, refrigeration units, chillers, industrial chillers, ceiling coolers, shell and tube evaporator dry, all types of horizontal, vertical liquid storage bottles, series of wind, Water-cooled condensing units, cold storage machine, milk tank units, leather styling units (including evaporators).

        "xinyue" brand refrigeration equipment, with new materials, energy saving and environmental protection, family support, easy assembly and disassembly, and the extensive use five characteristics. The products have been sold throughout the provinces and autonomous regions, and reliable product quality and better service to win the majority of the whole process of the user's pro-gaze and trust!
        We always adhere to the "people-oriented, quality win, strict requirements, while maintaining stability," the purpose, strictly implement the "scientific management, careful construction, benefiting customers," the quality, strengthening internal management, improving project quality, standardize business practices, improve service quality, improve the company's corporate image in the refrigeration industry.