Cold storage design
        Cold storage building program is based on the nature of cold storage, the scale of production, process, equipment installation and building materials and other conditions used in combination with the specific circumstances of the library site and determined. It should also meet the requirements of use, hygiene, construction technology and architectural art. Cold storage building currently used in the form of generally have the following three categories:
First class: large span single civil cold.
The second category: a large single-span prefabricated cold storage.
The third category: the appropriate multi-span civil cold storage.

Cold storage installation
        Modular cold storage building envelope is mainly composed of prefabricated sandwich panels and other components. Both sides of the sandwich panel with color steel, aluminum or stainless steel plate, an intermediate insulating material is typically a rigid polyurethane or polystyrene, lighter weight than conventional building materials from 5% to 10%.
Cold storage building envelope is usually light steel structure, according to the relationship between the structure and maintenance of sandwich combinations cold frame structure type and can be divided into the box without structure, outside the framework of the current domestic structure type commonly used combination of cold storage .

Cold Maintenance
        Installation of cold storage equipment, refrigeration systems under normal use , since that system commissioning date of acceptance , Party B is responsible for one-year warranty , man-made or damage caused by force majeure , not covered under warranty .
· Our after-sales service personnel regularly on a quarterly basis to conduct a comprehensive and detailed examination of all the equipment for the project , identify problems and timely contact with the Party and the technical staff to resolve the problem .
· My company for the maintenance and use of electric control box for refrigeration equipment party personnel training, technical personnel to ensure that the system of Party normal use and operation management .
· In case of repair called Party , Party ask service personnel in the specific circumstances , will arrive within 24 hours of the accident scene identification, come up with solutions to ensure the normal operation of the cooling system within 24 hours.
· when you receive a telephone party technical consulting engineering and technical personnel , service personnel Party will be patient and meticulous explanations.
· After Party refrigeration maintenance personnel to identify the fault , the initiative to Party staff statement causes of failure.
· refrigeration equipment maintenance staff attentive , timely, and does not affect the normal use of Party .
· 24-hour telephone service to ensure smooth flow .
· causes of damage caused by a non- Party units and equipment , all costs borne by the Party ( except for man-made damage and force majeure ) , and promptly resolved.
· can throughout the year to ensure the normal operation of the refrigeration system .
· Service Hotline :0519-88551098

※ users please specify when ordering refrigerator models, uses, quantity and place of use, cooling, cold form of distribution, crew placement, number and open doors to;
cold outdoor action needed on building the plane, decorative, anti canopy, crew and other specific instructions, along with the necessary sketches.
※ Specifications ordered cold or cold beyond the scope series have special requirements, please write a detailed description or come Mianqia, the company will try to meet user requirements.
※ The scope of supply: Complete insulation siding, chassis, refrigeration units, exhaust pipes or chillers and other refrigeration equipment and complete sets of cabinet and so on.
※ behalf of the user design, selection, packaging, shipping agents.